About me photo of owner of Kenson designs


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and being curious about the face behind this awesome business! It's all about "We = Me" here, where I juggle the roles of a mom, wife, and a proud achiever.

It all started with a dream, or should I say an idealistic vision of becoming "that mom" who dazzles her children's classroom with crafts, birthday magic, and everything needed for the perfect party. But let's be real, I quickly realized I needed a break from that phase. However, my general love for shopping will never waned. Can you relate?

Eventually, I found my groove and focused on a few things that brought me joy. And guess what? It turned into a profitable venture! Named after my children I created an anagram, Ken+Son. All the while, I conveniently justified every purchase as a tax write-off for my accountant. Smart, right?

Thanks for swinging by Kenson Designs!